Bringing the most creative and durable interior design to the forefront, Beautifie helps build spaces that speak the universal quality of excellence.


It’s a family-driven business

Beautifie is a family-run top-notch solutions provider when it comes to modular kitchens and wardrobes. With a professional legacy spanning over decades as well as an experienced and professional team of cutting-edge experts, Beautifies seeks to establish itself as a market-leader in this space.

Beautifie leverages industry best practices and the latest trends and technologies to continually innovate in this space. At the heart of its deep domain knowledge lies expert craftsmanship and skill that truly differentiates Beautifie from its competitors.


P.R. Vadhia - Our Benefactor

P.R. Vadhia is a self-made man whose most prized attributes are hard work, infatigable determination and honesty. He started his career at a very young age and had to make his way up, initially working as a contractor for household names like Britannia, UB, NCCE, and more.

Hitesh Purushottam - Founder & CEO

With extensive experience spanning over 20 years of delivering home decor to top-notch clients, Hitesh is a real veteran in this space. He possesses the Midas touch when it comes to converting houses into liveable homes with a soulful, aesthetic appeal and good design sense.

Kavita - Principal Architect

Kavita comes with vast industry experience and leading-edge professionalism in this space. She has a keen sense of design and is a true expert when it comes to optimal space utilization. Beautifie’s capabilities are complemented by the presence of a field manager.


Our experience and commitment in building state-of-the-art homes runs across decades. We’ve prided ourselves in being the solutions provider to ensuring your homes look ultra-modern and advanced. Being an innovator in modular kitchens, wardrobes and turnkey solutions. We build ourselves on making your home look great.


To provide the most demanding, style conscious clientele with top-of-the-line interiors that help bring effortless style and long lasting durability.


To be renowned as the most iconic brand in interior design in India. With its’ name standing for bringing the latest perspectives in style and design to millions.


Customer-oriented, upbeat, hard-working and ethical. Beautifie inflicts a hearty dose of sincerity into each and every project.


To be a vital part of our customers’ lifestyles and enhance them to the point where are our expert services become indispensable.


Few Stories

The Designer’s Choice

Every product at Beautifie is born out of unique craftsmanship and fine detailing. Be it knock-down desks for homes and offices, or optimum walk-through passages with false designer ceilings, our products are designed tastefully to reflect the refined outlook that our customers have in life.

Classic & Contemporary Residential Interior Spaces

To suit the all-round requirements of our clients and justify their polished take on things, we have used melamine-finished wood grain veneers and imported lumbers for nosing, partitions and furniture – to create inspiring kitchen workstations. People tend to spend more time at the office than they do at home, therefore it is essential to incorporate clean aesthetics and comfort to create a truly refreshing ambience at home. To this end, we tactfully use SS inlays, DUCO paints, wall decorations and ambient illumination.
Our scope of deliverables generally includes modular wardrobes and kitchens, sparkling home decor, building tasteful living spaces, turnkey solutions, and a lot more!