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How should you decide your kitchen type?

How should you decide your kitchen type?

The kitchen is the most important part of the house as it is ht place that ties the entire family together. Studies show that eating home-cooked meals increases longevity and reduces the risk of exposing to contagious diseases. Children benefit immensely from home-cooked meals as it helps in building a strong immune system. So, having a kitchen is highly beneficial but it is also equally important to know what kind of kitchen you are looking for.

Creating a kitchen starts with 3 basic things, getting an understanding of these things is really necessary for you to finalize your priorities as taste and preference differ from person to person.

  1. Raw Materials
  2. Shutters & Facia
  3. Accessories & Equipment

Raw Materials:

For whom should ‘Raw Materials’ be theie 1st priority?

If you are looking for cabinets that have a long life then you should put quality raw materials as your number one priority followed by Shutters and fascia and then accessories and equipment.

In India, the most common raw material used for the cabinets is plywood. This has a major influence in terms of the cost of the overall kitchen. There are multiple standard & nonstandard products available in the market like featuring marine, BWP, water resistant, moisture resistant, calibrated, board and much more. The life of cabinets will depend on features of these plywoods and the area in which the plywoods are applied to. We recommend using the most prime featured plywood for your own kitchen and not for rental & short period kitchens.

  • BWP 710 plywood is the most popular Russian birch plywood and it is the current trend for the cabinets.
  • You should consider giving the main share of your budget to the raw materials if you prefer longevity of the cabinets

Shutters and Fascia:

For whom should “Shutters & Fascia” be their 1st priority?

If you are a person who is looking for a stylish and trendy kitchen then shutters and fascia is what you should be going for. This can be followed by the type of raw materials and then accessories and equipment.

This decision is usually made after discussing with the members of the and can be further discussed with the designer beautifying your kitchen in the way you want. Shutter & fascia selection does not only make-over your kitchen space but also reflects your social status and taste. There are thousands of choices available to decorate the shutters & fascia like international or national panels, glass or lacquered, digital laminate or decals, shine or matt, stone or smooth and much more. One advantage that most of our clients like is that the shutter and fascia can be changed whenever they get bored or if they want to upgrade their kitchen to the latest trend, without changing fixed cabinet.

  • Surprisingly laminate shutters & fascia is the most popular choice even today, Acrylic & lacquered is in-trend finishes.
  • Our personal choice will be factory finished shutters & fascia.

Accessories and Equipment:

Who should have “Accessories & equipment” as their 1st priority?

If you have very less time in your day to spend on cooking then having accessories and equipment as your priority can be a perfect choice. Since ergonomic effortless cooking is based on the accessories and equipment used in the kitchen it should be followed by raw materials and then shutters and fascia.

The smart kitchen with the selection of the right accessories and equipment to help you control the time needed for cooking as well as reduced the unwanted physical activities while cooking. This decision is very important for the housewife and even more important if you are a working housewife.

  • We strongly recommend using branded accessories, like German kessebohmer or Hettich or Hafele with suitable hardware. An example of a perfect match will be Hettich Cargotech steel basket with Hettich Quadro drawer runner.
  • Go for a soft close function.

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