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How is the modular furniture industry in India?

How is the modular furniture industry in India?

Recently I visited the largest exhibition of interior products in Bangalore, this exhibition attracts the world’s topmost brands. This exhibition provides an opportunity to discuss the recent developments in the industry and showcase different products and conduct live demo sessions for the potential products and it’s viability in the future.

When I was looking at the different sections I came across the various developments and changes that are made to increase the efficiency in relation to space and cost of production. I was really happy and surprised to see the innovations made in the kitchen’s beautiful ergonomic revolution (for fast cooking), which is being upgraded every year.

Later that day, while having a cup of coffee in the cafeteria, I questioned myself, ‘Does our industry have the skilled workforce to execute the kind of innovation taking place for hardware and accessories?’

The answer was not binary as a simple yes or no as the industry in our country has mixed developments in terms of skilled labour and adaptation to the changing trends.

  • I know many carpenters who still use packing beneath the hinges, nailing on laminate, using substandard glue and many more poor practices that can be harmful.
  • Machine Richie factory’s high quality is limited to it’s cutting & edging, but it has not reached the level where it can adapt to the latest innovations and deliver such innovative hardware & accessories (out of 500 Modular furniture process factories in Bangalore only 10 to 20 factories are really good with their overall result).
  • Most of the factories don’t have the right solution even for the current in-trend Acrylic surface shutters

I hope that this scenario will soon change but big manufacturers & traders will have to find out a way to educate the factories and the carpenters to face the challenge of innovation and adaptability to it. The best Idea is to set up both theoretical & practical school in as many places as they can. This can help in perfecting and improving the skills required for the labourers in the industry. As a client, it is your duty to select your contractor wisely and be aware of the latest trends and techniques used so that your house is smart and safe.

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