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General Questions

why you haven’t mentioned priced for any product?

beautifie kitchens + wardrobe & other products are fully personalised in terms of uses, materials, functions & finishes. We don’t misguide client by Price tag.

what type of materials for cabinet you recommend?

we recommend BWP or BWR plywood for long lasting better life.

can we choose different type of Raw materials & finishes as per our choices?

Yes you can. Top of this, you will get the freedom to choose cabinet materials & shutters materials separately of same product. Ex: cabinet box of marine ply & shutters with imported Acrylic finish board.

is it true that modular kitchen can be delivered within 3 working days?

yes & it’s guaranteed. (Under certain terms & condition)

when installation will happen of the product?

Generally we install product on the same or next day on after delivery. Maximum 3 working days with excuses, if any.

what will be our role while product installation?

you must provide uninterrupted working schedule to the installer along with free water & electrical power supply.

is all your product comes with warranty?

yes, all our products comes with warranty & it’s applicable as material’s parent company provided terms & conditions.

You also do splash back, tiling & counter top for kitchen?

yes. In certain cases we do

can we cancel the order?

We are sorry you cannot cancel the placed order.

Can we do changes in the requirements after placing an order?

Yes, in some case only. We will allow payable minimum changes subjective on the current status of the work.